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Create selling website from scratch

developing websites since 2004

High quality and affordable prices

5-8 days

Creating a simple website from scratch (both for business and hobby purposes) with up to 10 pages initially, using a template design and custom code. The website will have a professional administration panel and will be made with high quality, speed and affordability in mind.

«Business Pro»
18 days

Comprehensive website development from scratch, including everything needed for a turnkey solution: design, high-quality custom code, domain, hosting, professional CMS, and more.

1 800€
30 days

High conversion rates, thoughtful design, analysis of competitors and your topic in general. High-quality code created to the latest standards, a user-friendly administration system, and unique text content - a website that is fully prepared for subsequent advertising or promotion.

«Fast online store»
5 days

A ready-made e-commerce solution. "Fast Online Store" contains everything necessary for the operation of a regular store that sells individual products.

«Online store»
1 450€
30 days

Development of an e-commerce website from scratch, including a multi-level product catalog, shopping cart, search function, and other options.

3 500€
from 50 days

An expensive plan for high-end companies. Exclusive VIP-class design and a full range of services from A to Z.

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Website development from scratch in ElenaGray web-studio

A quite known joke exists saying “fast, qualitatively, inexpensively - choose any two points”. We know how to achieve all three when creating a website. When it describes building websites, the fourth point should be added - unique. Unique design, unique code, unique text - all these parameters matter when developing the website from scratch. When speaking about creating the website from scratch in our web studio, we mean the uniqueness of all components. First of all, the customers` wishes are taken into account, then the website design is developed (depending on the tariff, it can be either an exclusive design drawn from scratch or a unique design built on the basis of a great number of designs offered by the Internet websites). The website code in the case of its development in the ElenaGray web-studio is always unique - we do not apply other people’s templates, for very often they feature low quality, and this impacts all the project aspects - we text the website codes by ourselves.

Why do you need to choose us when ordering a website creation from scratch?

  • The customers go through all the work steps, from starting an acquaintance to closing the contract, directly with the web-studio director. Other employee coordination is implemented on the basis of the customers` wishes, without loss of data in the process.

  • We always meet the time frames announced before the work started, and often end up earlier. A well-established work scheme makes it possible to save our and your time.

  • We have maximally optimized all the work steps on creating websites, which saves our and your time and money. Newcomers are not on staff - all the work is performed by high-level specialists.

  • We have been successfully engaged in developing Internet projects for over 18 years. During this time, we have gained strong background and created scads of successful projects, which are partially presented here.

  • We use our professional, patented platform CMS ElenaGray as a base of all the websites . The system operates better than cumbersome streaming CMS.

  • We compile the website codes manually, even for the most inexpensive "template" tariffs. This helps the website to win top rating in the search engine lines. Our code is tested for the W3C standard, does not contain too many constructions, and boosts the website loading.

  • Regardless of the tariff, the created website will feature an adaptive version (as it is sometimes called by mistake - mobile), i.e. will adapt to smartphone, tablet, laptop or computer settings.

  • The new website features the necessary technical base in order to compete successfully for high ratings on search engines.

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Website development steps

In the process of creating the website from scratch, we use our work scheme including the following steps:

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Individual approach in the project development

When we start developing the website, we try to focus on each project to the fullest. Each website we make is built fast and in the highest quality. Meanwhile, we put emphasis on dealing with small companies or individuals, which, of course, affects the low-priced building of Internet projects in our web studio.

Examples of websites we have created

We have been developing websites for about 18 years, during this time we have compiled a great number of built projects, some of which are shown in the "Examples of work" section.

see other works

Web development in Spain

If you want to discuss the web development in our web-studio personally, we can offer you a meeting in Valencia, Spain. Other options for personal communication are also available by appointment.The ElenaGrey web-studio consists of a staff of qualified specialists built over fiften years ago, some of whom have been creating and developing websites distantly since the "pandemic" times.The sphere of website development, like many other IT-spheres, lets website developing companies go beyond the office framework, which is effective in terms of teamwork, extensive experience and high quality of built web resources.

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